Welcome to Vibrant Ho Chi Minh City!

Known popularly as Saigon, this vibrant city is described as the “Pearl of the Far East” because of charming heritage buildings, dynamic, vibrant, exciting atmosphere and friendly people. These are just some of the great qualities that make Ho Chi Minh City a dazzling destination for travelers. 

A riot of colors, scents, and sounds characterize Ho Chi Minh City which makes it highly-ranking as one of the Best Destinations in Asia.

Ho Chi Minh City’s incredible food has never been short of admirers. CNN named Ho Chi Minh City as “Taste of Vietnam”, the city never fails to amaze visitors with its extensive variety of culinary – from a paradise of street foods to the inspiring and delicious bakery, authentic Vietnamese cuisine and also modern Asian eatery.

With many dazzling shopping centers, attractions, world-class hotels and excellent infrastructure make it perfect for solo travelers, couples and families.

Planning your trip

You are planning your trip to attend the 11th Congress of the AAERE this 19-20 August in Ho Chi Minh city and would like to travel around? Please visit some recommended websites to search for interesting destinations

  • www.vietnam.travel
  • www.saigontouristvietnam.com
  • www.visithcmc.vn/en